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Reporting Scores to NVSL
Thu, Jun 14, 2007 12:27 pm | Updated Mon, Mar 10, 2008 2:04 pm
By Collins Chris

NVSL Diving

Team Reps Meeting

June 8, 2008


Guidelines for Reporting Meet Results

to Web Coordinators

The website is ready for the season. The URL is:

Below is the format to be used to report results of dual meets to Kevin Cullather at

In the interest of getting scores up on the site as quickly as possible, each home team should report results of meets directly to Kevin-- rather than passing them through your division coordinators. That way, if a team is delayed in reporting results (i.e., weather delay), it won t hold up the rest of the division s posting.

If you have thoughts or questions on the website, please email me as at If you need to speak to me, my home number is


Please follow the instructions on the reverse side EXACTLY for submission of results. It will result in scores being uploaded much more quickly.

Style to be used for submitting meet results:

Home Team (score) vs. Visiting Team (score)


Division No.

Freshman Girls:

1. Girl One (CB) 85.85

2. Girl Two (T) 84.70

3. Girl Three (CB) 67.05

4. Girl Four (T) 63.45

etc. for a complete listing of all FG divers.

Freshman Boys:

1. Boy One (CB) 69.55

2. Boy Two (T) 58.60

etc. for a complete listing of all FB divers.

Please follow this format exactly, including

--using pool abbreviations, surrounded by parentheses

--using one space only between each item (no tabs)

--number each diver; please don t use numbering feature in MSWord

Follow the same format for all categories of divers. Please list categories one under the other as shown above, not in columns:

Freshman Girls: Freshman Boys:

1. Girl One 1. Boy One

2. Girl Two 2. Boy Two

Results can be submitted as an attachment (please use MS Word or plain text, not Word Perfect) or as part of the body of your email.

Thanks for your help. I look forward to working with you this year -- and I ll do my best to make the website useful!