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What you can do to make this a successful year
Fri, May 28, 2010 3:30 pm | Updated Thu, May 27, 2010 3:31 pm
By Trempe Bob
First, by successful I mean two things: our kids have fun and we cover our costs.

First about costs: I know that this has been a tough year again, but I challenge you to find a better deal for a summer recreation program that offers so much! We need to "stay afloat" as a team, and that means that you will be asked to help with fund raising. We are planning a few things and need more ideas!

But its really about the fun!! A big part of the fun is well run and organized dive meets. This year we have 3 dual (season) home meets and we will be hosting our dvisional dive competition! Its our committment as parents to organizing and running these meets that will make this a fun season. Here's a quick list of what we need:

Judges -- 2 for home meets and 3 for away meets. Best seats in the house. By having 5 judges at every meet, we guarantee that the scoring will be a fair as possible!! The NVSL offers judges clinics that will teach you all you really need to know in about 2 1/2 hours. Judges clinics will be held Sunday June 13 (9:30 am @ Woodley) , Tuesday June 22 (6:30 pm @ Oakton), and a "last chance clinic" Wednesday June 30 (6:30 pm at Old Keene Mill). Contact me for more information.

Referee -- We MUST provide the referee for each of our home meets. While I have had the honor of holding this position for the past 4 years, it really is time for another to step up. You need to have judging or table work experience, at least 2 seasons worth, so that you start with some knowledge of the rules and how a meet runs. NVSL certifies it referees every two years. This year's refereee clinics will be held Tuesday June 15 (6:30 pm @ Mantua) or Thursday June 24 (6:30 pm @ Highland).

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