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Message from NVSL-Dive Vice President on Board Safety
Fri, Jul 16, 2010 11:53 pm | Updated Wed, Jun 5, 2013 9:45 am

I want to make you aware of a recent diving accident. A diver slipped, hit the board and scratched up his back on a front approach at one of our Tuesday meets. The cause of this mishap was determined to be a worn out non-skid surface on the board. The pool took action to replace the board with a new one right away.

This year, I ve indicated to both the coaches and team reps at their clinic and yours that safety is high priority for NVSL Diving. You received a briefing on the rule that makes safety the responsibility of the individual pool divers, coaches, and pool organizations. As reps, you are part of your pool organizations. Guidelines were published for you on page 126 of the 2010 Handbook. Applicable County Ordnances were brought to your attention.

I request that you stop and look at these guidelines in context of the recent accident and take action to have any unsafe condition in your diving equipment corrected. The most notable item is board surface which you can test very simply. Make sure your board is wet. Walk the board down to its end looking and feeling for slick spots, especially where divers plant their feet for forward take offs or back presses. Slick spots are generally where the board s non-skid factory coating has been worn away and could look shiny green. If these spots are in areas where a diver can slip, take the board out of service immediately and ask your organization to buy a new one or find a used one with a good non-skid factory coating. Do not let anyone in your organization attempt to repair the board s non-slip coating. Only Duraflex factory applied non-skid coatings are acceptable. Self repair to the factory coating will render the board unacceptably slippery. Consult with or call Duraflex International, the board manufacturer, for any detailed questions about your diving equipment or its safety. Their website is: .

I am particularly concerned about this problem, given reports I ve received about several other pools with worn board surfaces. Accidents that are preventable can give the sport of diving a bad reputation, and jeopardize the future of summer league diving. Therefore, I request that you give this matter your prompt and thorough attention.